Sunday, 29 April 2007

Global warming shock horror

It's official: we've just had the hottest April since records began, the last 12 months have been the hottest ever and this summer is also forecast to be the hottest ever. The BBC announces this "may be due to global warming." You don't say. This month I've managed to plant out the onions and sweet peas and get the potatoes in but direct sowing was impossible until after six weeks without a drop of rain we finally had enough on the night of the 23rd for me to get out the next morning with fork and rake and knock down some clods into a decent enough tilth to sow the early peas, a few spring onions and a row of carrots. On the plus side I've had plenty of broccoli, the broad beans have been flowering and are starting to set pods, the strawberries have also been in flower and are starting to set fruit and the apple blossom looks lovely!

Sweet peas planted out

Strawberries flowering


In the greenhouse


Broad beans

Apple blossom