Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Solstice!

Nearly Christmas, whoop de do. Plenty to eat from the plot - carrots, kale, leeks, Chinese mustard, scorenza, apples and sprouts too now that they've had some frost on them. What more could I ask for.


It's that time of year again:


It's the first time I've grown this root - it might not look very appetising but tastes alright actually, and makes a useful addition to the winter crops. The skin is black but the flesh inside is white - you cook it in the skins then peel them off before eating. It's also a perennial so any bits of root I snap off will grow again next year, which is handy. Makes a change from carrots and parsnips too.

The Cabin

Not much gardening to do at this time of year so over the past few weeks I've been faffing about building this - in between the showers and frosts. In the best allotment tradition the door and window are recycled; the timber is a mix of recycled and new. I'm calling it the cabin so as not to confuse it with the shed. Just so as you know.

Corner posts in, floor down and making a start on the frame...

...frame finished...

...job done.