Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Still here

Sorry about the lack of posts this year, I just don't seem to have the enthusiasm for blogging at the moment. Still gardening of course, and now at the end of June the fresh crops are coming in: peas, cabbage, new potatoes and strawberries.

Still experimenting with trying to find which are the best plants for bees and butterflies; as well as growing much of what I've had success with in previous years I'm also trying some new ones. I've created a document at about plants for bees and butterflies which shows the results of my experiments of the past few years and which I intend to keep updating.


Joan said...

So does this mean you are keeping bees too? As in honey bee hives?

Simon said...

Hi Joan, no I'm not keeping bees, the plants are primarily for the wild bees - bumblebees etc - which are sadley in decline, although they benefit visiting honeybees too.