Saturday, 8 July 2006

In July now and still hardly any rain, save for one downpour which broke the heatwave we've just been having. I try not to water my crops, relying instead on incorporating plenty of compost and manure to conserve moisture in the soil, although I have been watering the peas as the pods are forming. The early peas are mostly harvested now just as the maincrop are ready; I've also been harvesting the early potatoes and the first cabbages, courgettes and tomatoes. The onions are a really good size despite not being watered. The soft fruit has also done well, the strawberries are about finished now but the raspberries and gooseberries are ready for picking. None of the cut flower crops have been watered either but despite this both the sweet peas and snapdragons have been producing well and the rudbeckias are just coming into flower.

Planting out cabbages

African daisies




Carrots, onions and potatoes


Sweet peas