Saturday, 30 January 2010

Broad beans

I sowed these at the back end and they seem to have survived the snow and ice so today I've put up some roadwork netting to give them some protection from the wind. I've got a brand new 50 metre roll of this stuff which came out of a skip. Happy days.

Big garden birdwatch

I managed to miss the big garden birdwatch. I did see a redwing on the plot the other day but not today so it doesn't count. Such is life. Still eating sprouts, carrots and leeks from the plot so it's not as if I'm going to lose any sleep.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More winter plantings

Where I cleared some of the brambles at the back of the plot I've planted a young Sweet Chestnut - Castanea "Marigoule". This is a Marron type giving one large nut per cluster rather than lots of small ones. And also a Juneberry - Amelanchier "Ballerina" which should provide fruits in July. Both of these from Cool Temperate Nursery, Cossall, Notts, as recommended by Ken Fern's Plants for a Future, situated round the back of Trinity Farm farm shop. The nursery isn't open to the public so if you plan on buying anything there you'll need to check the website and contact Phil to make an appointment.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Winter jobs

Now the snow's gone I can crack on with some jobs on the plot. I've pruned the apples, gooseberries, raspberries and grapes, now I'm getting on with clearing a few brambles.

Apple trees pruned.


Brambles are a great multi-purpose plant. Shelter for birds and mammals, flowers for the bees in spring and blackberries for me from summer into autumn. They also make a great barrier which is why I've left a deep layer of them on two sides of the plot to stop Billy the burglar getting to the houses on the other side, one of which happens to be mine. But they were starting to encroach too much into the orchard which is why I've been cutting them back a bit.

Winter's a good time for digging out brambles, the roots come out much easier when the soil is wet.


As the fence panels between me and my neighbour start coming apart I'm replacing them with a hawthorn hedge. Here I've planted a stretch up with whips:

Here's some I planted further up a couple of years ago growing away well now:

Spot the fox trail!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter walkabout

Carbon footprint

A gang of us planted these stands of trees as little saplings for the council twenty-odd years ago so it's good to see them doing well. (And yes, some of those years were very odd).

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Hello boys and girls. My resolutions this year are to eat more from skips and resume shoplifting. And get out more in the countryside. Starting today.

Turkey genocide

So how was it for you?
Check out my cool pressies:

Bungee-jumping bird feeder

Trailer-shaped nesting box (makes me feel all nostalgic).
Cheers Jax. xx

Another gratuitous dig at those barmy americans

I haven't shown you my air raid shelter before because it's top secret. Or possibly because up till now it was buried underneath the brambles. Apparently they're very fashionable at the moment so I was thinking of inviting offers for it. On the other hand I may just hang on to it in case those barmy americans turn nasty.

There's quite a few of these knocking about on our site, most of them sawn in half and tipped on their sides for stashing manure. But in case you can't get enough of them here's another one that's still intact: