Saturday, 31 October 2009

Stephanie McMillan

Proper autumn

Proper autumn now, not that you'd know it from the balmy weather and yes, global bloody capitalists, I still blame you more than ever.

Halloween and all that nonsense. Thankfully I haven't grown any pumpkins.

Still plenty to eat from the plot mind - carrots, leeks, autumn greens and the last tomatoes; barrow loads of apples; peas and beans from the freezer; onions and potatoes from store.

I've planted out the garlic and also sown some broad beans and peas for (hopefully) some early crops next spring. Other than that I've been getting on with some structural jobs. Oo-er, get me.

The colours of autumn - the last of the tomatoes, carnations and sunflower heads.

Blimey I'm getting all artistic. Don't tell Emma.


The path down the middle of the plot gets muddy in winter so I've put down some recycled slabs:

Cool eh? Very structural.


Still enjoying these before the frost cuts them down:


Bees enjoying the last cosmos flowers:

Autumn greens

Spinach, the last of the primo cabbages and pak choi:

Letting in the light

The plum tree suckers in the orchard were becoming trees in themselves so I've taken them out to let in more light to my growing areas. I'm hoping to replace them further over with some sweet chestnuts - Castanea sativa "Marron de Lyon" if I can get hold of some.

I'm not losing sleep over this as I've planted other trees along the back of the plot over the years - rowan, yew and hawthorn - all good for wildlife. And it's nothing on the scale of these guys: