Sunday, 29 August 2010

Rain rain rain

All the rain we should have had in the spring seems to have fallen in the last fortnight. Still, life goes on, which is just as well really. More than enough to eat, still sweet peas and carnations for fragrance, and I'm in danger from falling fruit with all the plums. Thinking ahead I've been sowing chicory, spring cabbage and kale. And this afternoon it even stopped raining.


Summer cabbages


I've got one of these on the plot. So blue. Can't eat it but that hardly matters.


Still going strong. Tomato sauce on everything at the moment.


I'd never grown chillis and jalapenos before before so when someone gave me some little plants back in the spring I thought I'd give them a go.



In the garden

Sedum changing colour now


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Open day

Open day on our site today; the people who visited my plot made approving noises so I must be doing something right.

August must be the most rewarding month on the plot - hardly any work to do but loads of food to eat. I've got blackberries and raspberries coming out of my ears, three kinds of beans, peas, cabbages, carrots, onions, tomatoes and grapes now too. It's a regular garden of eden out there.

Happy staff on the produce stall at our open day.

Autumn raspberries

It might not be autumn yet but here they are anyway.



This has been going nuts this past couple of weeks, the plants are well over six feet tall and the cobs are coming along nicely. I reckon the red tassels look rather funky too.

Winter tares

This has germinated nicely now so going to the trouble of sowing it in rows rather than just broadcasting it seems to have paid off.


I sowed this for green manure where my manky garlic was. I've already dug half of it in and this patch is about ready for that now too.


Only a couple of these germinated this year because I used old seed. That ought to teach me but it probably wont. Still, they've made fine plants and the bees like them too.

Cut flowers from the plot

Carnations and sweet peas:

Carnations and dahlias: