Sunday, 20 November 2011


It's been ridiculously mild this month; still no frost. The birds are twittering away happily whilst feasting on my windfalls and there are still bees and butterflies around.

The plot is providing plenty of fresh carrots, leeks, greens and apples and pears.

I've made a start on the digging and extended the plot at the top end by turning over some more of the grass.

No really it's November


I'm glad I didn't cut down the tomatoes as the warm weather has meant they've continued to ripen.

Chinese mustard

It's the first time I've grown this - the variety is "Green in Snow" - and it's turning out to be a useful green for this time of the year. It can be eaten raw when it has a spicy taste, stir fried or boiled like spinach. Chinese greens need sowing after midsummer or they bolt and go to seed - I sowed these at the beginning of August. It'll be interesting to see if it really is green in the snow.