Sunday, 30 September 2012


Autumn seems a little early this year, the leaves aren't turning much yet but it sure has turned chilly.

Still plenty to eat of course, and will be all winter long all being well. I'm loving all the fruit - there's not many apples this year but plenty of blackberries, raspberries and grapes.

It seems like autumn for this blog too; I've been doing it for 7 years now and although there's always something new going on there's only so many ways I can describe how I sow a row a peas or plant out the cabbages. So maybe it's time to put it to rest.

Looking back I can see changes in my approach - not so much in the fruit and vegtable growing but in the flower department I've gone from growing cut flowers to growing for nectar and pollen for insects. I've always gardened organically and with wildlife in mind; being aware of all the other creatures who depend on how I manage this plot is more important to me now than ever, for them and for all the generations to come.


Winter larder

I've got potatoes in store and peas in the freezer; the brussels sprouts are starting to fill out and they'll be plenty of leeks and carrots too:

And what would I do without kale, the plant that keeps on giving:

Meadow grass management

I've cut back the meadow grass in the orchard so it looks much bigger all of a sudden. I'll keep it short now so that the finer grasses and wildflowers can get off to a good start next spring. I'm also planning to scarify some areas and sow some yellow rattle.


This is the only cut flower I grow these days - they've been later than usual this year after the poor summer but worth waiting for.

Bees and butterflies

I'm proud to say I've more flowers than ever this year to keep the bees and butterflies supplied with nectar during this critical late part of the season. The queen bumblebees are busy feeding up prior to hibernation and there are still plenty of carder bees about too.

During sunny times there's still butterflies about - plenty of whites and also small tortoiseshells, red admirals, speckled woods and commas.