Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Some sunshine at last

Finally a bit of sunshine this last week after the weeks of rain. You probably don't need reminding we had the wettest June on record. Growth had really slowed down on many crops because of the low temperatures and lack of sun but this last week they've put on a spurt. In fact some crops did well in the wet weather - the sweet peas and courgettes thrived in it. Not so the cabbages although they seem to be holding their own against the slugs and are starting to fill out.

I'm picking peas at last and look like being in for a bumper crop, the first tomatoes too. The early potatoes are still yielding in record quantities with no sign of wireworm and the carrots are also coming out clean.

The raspberries are about over, they didn't mind the wet either and produced the biggest fruit I've ever had; the gooseberries are in full flow now, so all in all I've got no excuse for not getting my five a day!

I've been picking armfuls of sweet peas and the cosmos plants are bushing out nicely. The carnations are coming along well and the snapdragons are blooming now, although the plants are a bit on the small side after their slow start it's nice to see a bit of colour on the plot.

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