Saturday, 18 August 2007

Cropping nicely

The past week's been pretty dull weatherwise but at least we had a couple of weeks of sun previous to that, maybe that was summer?! The plot continues to crop nicely so I'm not complaining. The Early Onward peas are over so now I'm onto the Onwards; the cabbages are a good size, likewise the carrots; I've dug up and bagged the maincrop potatoes; there's spring onions, runner beans and tomatoes and I've got courgettes coming out of my ears. I've transplanted the last of this year's cabbages and sown a row for next spring.

The wild blackberries around the edge of the plot are cropping now, the autumn (should be called late summer) raspberries are in full flow, the first plums are ready and, from the greenhouse, the first grapes.

The sweet peas have rallied and sent out new flowers from their side shoots, the cosmos are going mad, the snapdragons are still doing nicely and I've had the first carnations.

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