Sunday, 11 November 2007


We've had a mild autumn until this week, there's even a few dahlias still in flower but the cold has really arrived these last few days. The summer veg are all over now with the exception of a few hispi cabbages which will need eating up before the slugs have them. Brenda has had a bumper crop of apples again which she's been good enough to share with me. The carnations are still going strong, I picked another big bunch today but this cold weather will probably see them off. The clover I sowed for green manure earlier in the year managed to show itself, I even took a mowing off it. I'll leave it in now to bulk up and dig it in in the spring.

So now there's the winter crops to look forward to: sprouts, winter cabbages, leeks and lots of carrots for winter stews. The broccoli has put on plenty of growth so I'm expecting a good crop in the spring and the spring cabbages are looking good too. Soon I'll be starting the winter digging and the cycle will start all over again.

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