Sunday, 22 June 2008

Rubbish weather

Well the solstice has been and gone and I have to say that for growing the weather in June has been absolute pants. It's been much cooler than usual, and I don't mean in the trendy sense, often windy, and we've only had one decent day of rain. Still, you have to keep plodding on.

Not much to do this weekend: I've resown the gaps in the rows of maincrop carrots and planted out the purple-sprouting broccoli. All things considered the plot isn't looking too bad. The early peas are flowering, I've picked the first sweet peas, and the early potatoes are nearly ready - it's too windy to take any photos so you'll just have to take my word for it. I've started feeding the tomatoes too, now that the first trusses have set. Try saying that after a few drinks.


clodhopper said...

Solstice wash a wash-out up here too: blustery winds and rain all day...grrr.

Your plot looks great and you get film crews too! All we get is a pest control officer with a clipboard and an attitude. Oh well, ish nyce wun fush twussess sit (hic) innit?

Simon said...

Hi clodhopper, I'm glad someone's paying attention, most visitors only stay for 0.00 seconds which seems a bit strange but what do I know. Maybe I should get one of those RSS feeder thingies, whatever they are.

Anyway, good luck with the Mr Kipling and the cakes and foxes and stuff. I couldn't really understand it but then I've got a very short attention span after the boy scouts and the drugs and everything so I'll just wait till the Disney version comes out and watch it on DVD if that's OK with you.

clodhopper said...

Yup, most visitors stay at mine for only 0.00 seconds too! Guess a lot of us gardeners have attention defecit disorder. I'm not gonna get an RSS feeder, I've got chickns to feed. I was in the boy scouts too but we didn't do drugs in my outfit.