Saturday, 25 April 2009

Apple Blossom Time

Busy busy out on the plot and in the potting shed; well it is spring so that's just as it should be. The apple blossom looks stunning, as ever.

Inside I've been sowing more salad leaves and rocket, spouts, sunflowers and artichokes; pricking out the snapdragons and potting on the cosmos, lettuce and tomatoes.

Outside I've sown a row of maincrop peas and planted out the sweet peas.

All we need now is that rain that the BBC has been promising. Not that I trust anything they say.


emmat said...

Yep, I spent about 25 minutes watering today, even though it rained yesterday, because i could tell while i was digging that the soil was already dry again. Especially the top layer, which is sort of where we need it at the moment!

Simon said...

Persisting it down here this morning. Whoopee.