Monday, 4 June 2007

Into June

Into June and most of the plot is planted up. The sweet peas and early peas are growing away nicely and the maincrop peas have germinated. I had a bit of a disaster with the cabbages, I've had to buy in some new young plants because the first lot were devastated by pigeons. Maybe they didn't like my selection of CDs so I've hung a few more up. I've earthed up the potatoes and planted out the courgettes, putting a couple of spadefulls of compost under each one. The broad beans are cropping now as are the strawberries.


emmat said...

I got a tip out an organic garden book to put canes running alternately along each side of the cabbages, then wind sewingthread from one cane to the other like shoelaces, across the plants. This is so offputting to the pigeons when they try to land that it stops them. I found it quite effective - on my three cabbages!

Simon said...

I've tried all sorts Emma but now I just put up netting for peace of mind. Having said that I've got a few spring cabbage out at the moment that's been there since the autumn with no protection at all and they haven't touched them. Pigeons are weird.