Sunday, 26 July 2009

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You've probably heard of the problems gardeners and allotment holders have faced after using manure contaminated with aminopyralid. Thousands of gardens have been affected, crops ruined, soil contaminated and gardeners left with the problem of disposing of toxic waste at their own expense. The makers Dow Chemicals were forced to withdraw the product last year but have reapplied for it to be licensed and now comes the dreadful news that the government's Advisory Committee on Pesticides have said they are minded to advise ministers to re-instate approvals. Corporate slut of the week award would be too good for them. Personally I'm minded to go and stuff their faces in it but as that's unlikely (until I find out where they live) I've done the next best thing and signed this petition. Please do the same.

You can find out more about the problems caused by aminopyralid here, see the advise from the RHS here and read Dow Chemical's crappy excuses here. Buttercups pose a danger to livestock? Total bullshit.

**If you work in the media it would be great if you could help spread this news.


VP said...

Done! I'm still shaking my head in disbelief they're even contemplating such a thing!

Louise said...

Also done - incredible! I really don't get why grassland used for pasture needs to be 'weed' free - animals that eat grass surely benefit from the variety that naturally growing plants give them? Wonder if the Soil Association are aware of this issue? I guess they must be...

Tracy Zhu said...

No good for me to sign, as I'm in the evil U.S.

I put a link to your blog on my fledgling garden blog, Please let me know if that's OK. I don't think anyone's reading it yet except my mother, so you're not going to get a tsunami of new readers, but I do really enjoy your blog & it's one of the reasons I started my own.

Simon said...

Thanks to you all for responding. VP, can't believe I hadn't got a link to you so I've done that. Tracy, thanks for the things you said, I've put a link to you up too.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Thanks to all who have signed the petition - it reached over 2,600 but I guess the decision has been made. The petition is now closed so we will await the response.

Two MPs have tabled Early Day Motions asking for a debate so if you can get your MP to support it we may at least get it talked about in the house.

If the URLs truncate then if you visit my website or blog at Green Lane Allotments - link in Simon's article you will find details there too

Green Lane Allotments said...

Just to let you know my website URL has changed to

and all the information on contaminated manure has been moved across