Sunday, 27 June 2010

Phacelia and flax

If you've been paying attention you'll remember that I planted the phacelia as part of a mix but it was the only thing to germinate. I'd normally treat it as a green manure and dig it in but since it's started to flower and is covered in bees I haven't the heart to do that now.

I started the flax in pots, planted it out a few weeks ago and it's flowering nicely now; I read somewhere that the edible seeds are meant to be some kind of superfood so if you see me wearing a cape you'll know why.


Joan said...

Hi Simon!
I'm so glad your leaving your Phacelia to the is a huge nectar source for them, so you are doing them, us and the planet a big favor by leaving them to bloom. I didn't get my seeds sown in time this year...I'll try to do better by my honey bees next year. I'll sow when I read you are sowing. Do you ever sow buckwheat for green manure? It too is a great source for bees and many beekeepers here sow them together as the buckwheat is finishing the phacelia is coming on.

So much for our two regions having similar weather normally...we are still awaiting heat. Finally got some warmth last week. Cheers!

Simon said...

hi again Joan, nope I havn't tried buckwheat yet, must give it a try, thanks for the info. Glad to hear it's warming up for you!