Monday, 20 September 2010

Disappointing sweetcorn

These made great looking plants but the cobs are disappointing. They were supposedly meant to be "mini-corn" (Minipop F1 from Mr Fothergills) but are much the same size as normal corn and you can judge the quality for yourselves:

Having checked the seed packet again it says to harvest them before the kernels form at approx 10cm long. But surely they wouldn't be ripe then? And the picture on the packet shows cobs with ripe kernels. I may have to investigate further.


Joan said...

It's my understanding that when corn kernels don't form it's due to lack of or poor pollination. Due to the bee fodder you planted and honey bees you mentioned you had I can't believe you didn't get pollination! Honey bees love corn pollen BUT if there is something blooming they like better at the same time, like phacelia, they'll ignore the corn. If your phacelia bloomed when the corn was ready to pollinate could be the problem... perhaps sowing phacelia later so it'll bloom after the corn does it's thing may work next year for you. I have no idea how to know when the corn is done needing pollination tho. I'll be interested to hear what you discover.

Simon said...

I don't think it's a pollination problem Joan otherwise I don't think I'd have got any cobs at all. It's just that they weren't the mini-corn they were meant to be and what I did get was poor quality - I think the obvious answer is to try a different variety next year!