Sunday, 3 October 2010

Saving seed

Pea beans and french beans - I'll let these dry out for a few days before shelling them.

Funky pea beans:


Tracy Zhu said...

Pretty. The on the left almost looks like a ying/yang symbol.

Joan said...

Hi Simon,
Here the peat based soiless seedling mixes are still plentiful, but trying to do my part I bought a coir based mix last spring. I had the most dreadful germination results this year. I'm wondering if the coir is not a good option. Knowing that peat is banned there...what do you use. You seem to get good germination rates. My only other thought is my seed was old...but it's not that old and some was new. It's the worst year I ever had. Any thoughts?

Simon said...

Actually peat isn't banned here yet - there are govt targets to deduce its use but these are not legally binding. I know it would be a good idea (for the environment) and if I had the time I'd make my own from compost and soil. The seed compost I buy is "reduced peat" with added John Innes ie sterilised soil. A lot of our seed and potting compost here now seems to be made with a lot of composted green household waste - most local authorities now collect this separately for it to be turned into compost. I'd heard that coir-based compost isn't very good though I've never tried it. Sorry if it's taking a while to reply to comments - gmail doesn't seem to be letting me know when I have new comments

Joan said...

thanks Simon, I may go back to peat or look for peat reduced. we too have potting compost of local household greens and I do make my own but mine and the bought stuff is too heavy for seeds. good to know you heard coir isn't so great. I'll keep experimenting.