Sunday, 3 April 2011


So, after one of the coldest winters on record it's been the driest March for fifty years, and with temperatures well above average. Very pleasant but also a little ominous.

Out in the countryside the hawthorn is greening up even as the blackthorn is still in blossom.

I've seen red-tailed bumble bees and orange-tipped and peacock butterflies.

And I like the way the elder sneaks into leaf without me noticing (but then I would wouldn't I).

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Soilman said...

Yes, VERY ominous...

This is the third year – in the SE anyway – when Spring has brought little or no rain. Last year I counted 140 days from early March without rain. Disastrous for a vegetable gardener. Everything I grew was tiny or an outright crop failure.

I'm already praying for rain....