Saturday, 28 April 2012

Potting on

How it's done, just in case you're new to all this.

In the potting shed I get together the seedlings from the greenhouse to be potted on - brassicas in this case - and 9cm pots loosely filled with sieved multi-purpose compost:

I tip the module strip on it's side and gently ease out a seedling - it's easier to do this if the tray has been left unwatered for the previous 24 hours. Hopefully the seedling will have a nicely developed root system:

I make a hole with my finger in the compost... the seedling in the hole, firming the compost around it and giving the pot a couple of taps on the bench to level the compost, which should be about 1cm below the rim of the pot to allow for watering:

Plants placed back in the greenhouse to grow on for a couple of weeks. They'll then go into the coldframe to harden off before being planted out.

Here's some I did earlier - cabbage plants in the coldframe nearly ready for planting out:

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