Saturday, 25 August 2012


The top fruit hasn't done at all well this year - the apples, pears and plums all suffered through there're not being many pollinators about back in the cold and wet at blossom time. The only exception has been the little cherry plums which were blossoming during the heatwave in March. The blackbirds and thrushes carry most of them away but it's not as though I can eat them all. And the trees are not completely bare; having less helps me appreciate what I have got all the more. How right on is that?

With the exception of the gooseberries the soft fruit have been as abundant as ever. The summer raspberries have given way to the autumn crop, the grapes are about ready and the wild blackberries never have a problem fruiting - and their flowers are so useful for the bees and butterflies.

Holly blue on blackberry flower
Grapes ready to nibble

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