Saturday, 5 October 2013

Late season plants for pollinators

Many of the plants for bees and butterflies which were flowering in summer are still going strong: phacelia, nepeta, nicotiana, rose campion, snapdragons and the lovely cosmos:

And these helechrysum...

...still popular with the bees...

Not forgetting the scabious:

And the Verbena bonariensis:

Some like this Anthemis tinctoria "Sauce Hollandaise" are having a second flowering:

Whilst the perrennial wallflower "Bowle's Mauve" has been flowering non-stop since early spring:

Then there are those which save their display until now. Amongst them are the asters; some of the older varieties are prone to mildew but others like "Little Carlow" are always reliable:

This A. frikartii "Monch" has been flowering since July...

...But this A. novae angliae "Barr's Pink" which I planted new this year has only just opened it's buds:

You can see where the comma gets it's name from:

Another new one which has just come out is this Eupatorium purpureum subsp "Atropurpureum", another great butterfly plant:

But the bees favourite at the moment is this Helenium "Lemon Queen":

Also in colour:

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