Saturday, 3 May 2008


I've planted out the first cabbage patch today. I sowed these (Greyhound) in the greenhouse at the end of March, and moved them out into the coldframe for hardening off a week ago when they were this size:

Today I've planted them out, firming them in well and watering them in:

Then surrounded each plant with some lime, which they'll like, and which should also keep the slugs and snails away:

Then just to finish things off I hung up a few decorations:


Amy said...

wow, that looks very effective, I have some space cds waiting to make it to the allotment but haven't managed to get around to using them yet.

Also very interested to hear about lime keeping slugs away, is it very effective? I am going to try growing cabbages for the first time this year so I might give the lime a try.

Simon said...

Hi Amy, yes the thing with the lime seems to work, I've always done it since copying it from the old timers. Having said that I sometimes have to resort to slug pellets once the rain has washed the lime into the soil although the plants are usually big enough to fend for themselves by then. Nice blog btw.