Sunday, 1 March 2009

Nice day for it

Lovely sunny dry day today so I've been out there doing some more digging, as you do. It's tempting when the weather's like this to start sowing seeds but I always leave that until after the spring equinox - March 21st, when the days start getting longer than the nights. Having said that I've sown some broad beans today, which are one crop that can be sown early, just to confuse you.


Tim said...

I'm a complete veg growing novice, but I'm having a go this year. Story so far: have dug two 2m x 1m holes in back garden. Have chitted some potatoes.
Back hurts already.

I'll be following you closely for tips.

Simon said...

Oh crikey, the famous Free Man in Preston, now I've come over all bashful. No really I have, can't think what to say.

Good luck with the potatoes.