Monday, 9 March 2009

Planting Asparagus

My asparagus crowns arrived today from Kings Seeds, only a quid each and they came with excellent planting and aftercare instructions. In previously dug and composted ground I took out a trench 30cm deep and wide, ridging up the middle of the bottom of the trench 5cm, spacing the crowns 50cm apart on the ridge with the roots spread out:

Then covered up the roots and firmed in:

I'll fill up the trench as the plants grow. It'll be a couple of years before I can cut a decent amount of spears but it should be worth the wait.


emmat said...

man your trench is SOOOOOOOOOO neat compared to mine. And really i could have put even more OOOOs in than that

Simon said...

OOOOOO-er, thanks Emma!

Flora said...

Here in Nova Scotia, I'm weeding my asparagus patch today….omg…the clover has worked its way in and is a total pain!
I like how you planted yours in a row…makes sense. How are they doing now?
Glad to have found your site.

Simon said...

Glad you found my site too Flora. Your place looks like a great place to live. The asparagus still crops, it'll be up in a few weeks time.