Monday, 29 June 2009

Lovely Jubbly Jersey

No gardening for me at the weekend as I flitted over to Jersey to see the lovely girl. Lovely jubbly time on the beach and here and there. Nice to sample some fresh air rather than the dirty filthy muck we're forced to breathe over here. Checked out the gardens at Samares Manor - they could do with getting on top of the weeding but very nice all the same:

Herb garden at Samares Manor

Japanese garden

More Samares

Nicotiana - I've forgotten the name, I think it started with an "m" - any ideas?

The lovely girl

The lovely girl and her friends


Plemont again

Beach cafe at Plemont where the lovely girl's hubby is the chef


Arabella Sock said...

Plemont beach looks lovely - I wish I was there now instead of melting in slightly sweaty sultry Brighton.

So is 'lovely girl' your daughter? I hesitate to ask because you don't look old enough to have a grown up girl although I guess that could be an old photo of you on your blog! LOL!

Simon said...

Ah you're very kind Arabella, she is indeed my daughter and the photo on my blog was only taken last year!
Cheers from a very sweaty Derby