Friday, 5 June 2009

What a plonker

No not Gordon Brown, it's me this time. I hadn't sussed that actually I had been nominated for a bloggywog award, for my posts about Monsanto and raised beds. So many thanks to the wondrous Lia and Arabella for nominating me and please accept my humble apologies for not noticing. I'll try to keep up to speed in future.

So, no brownie points for me this week but I've decided not to resign and shall carry on blogging regardless. "I will not waver, I will not walk away, I will finish the work." Quite.


emmat said...

ha ha
When you put the original post up, I thought 'my god, I'm sure i saw his name on the list' then I spent ages going through it and not being able to find the mention, so then I thought maybe i dreamt it! But there we go. bloggywoggiedoodle all the day...,

Lia Leendertz said...

Well, it just shows you are wonderfully immune to the lure of celebrity gongs! And that neither of your nominators put up a proper link to your site, which might actually have helped...