Saturday, 19 September 2009

Best news yet

Here's something you didn't already know. The news is my lovely girl's got a tiny lickle baby in her tummy. Which means that some time early next spring I'll be a granddad. Cool eh?


Tracy Zhu said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news. Hard to picture you as a grandpa, but I'm sure you'll grow into the role.

Simon said...

Thanks Tracy, I'm hoping so!

hippygeek said...

Congratulations Grandad :)

BTW it's 'free' here, not that I'd expect you to know me that well but I've commented here before. I've moved to blogger so commenting is heaps easier, and so is blogging for that matter!

Simon said...

Hi M, good to see you're blogging again. Kapiti coast looks well lush and spring too. I may have to visit.

hippygeek said...

Thanks Simon - good to be blogging again, and to have a garden to blog about! Winter sux :P
The Kapiti Coast would love to have you - come on over, I'll even make you a cuppa :)