Sunday, 31 May 2009


Poor Susan. They build you up and then they knock you down. It's just as well nobody nominated me for the best bloggywog ever award. It'd only go to my head. So congratulations to Arabella for that, whatever it was.

This weekend I've sown another row of peas, planted out the snapdragons and potted the tomatoes into their growbags. Thinking ahead I've also sown some winter cabbages and broccoli. The broad beans are flowering despite the best efforts of the blackfly to wipe them out; between the ladybirds and me with a bit of organic spray we seem to keeping the upper hand.

I'm cropping the spring cabbage now which makes a welcome change from eating broccoli leaves.

Not everything is going according to plan. The carrot rows are still looking patchy although that's not unusual. Germination of the leeks has been abysmal - I don't know what their problem is (although it could be old seed which would be my fault and I'm not having that). So anyway I've sown some more.

Around the edge of the plot the elder trees are frothing up nicely, I suppose I could make some elderflower champagne like that Hugh Fearnly-Whatshisface but I won't. Hey, I could be watching Crap In The Attic or Britain Sings And Dances Its Way Into The Post-Capitalist Bleedin' Apocalypse but I won't be doing that either.


Arabella Sock said...

I gave myself the award for 'Best Bloggywog Ever' which just goes to show that we can all live the dream you just need a bit of imagination.

I didn't watch the 'Disgusting and Repellent Piers Morgan, Woman Devoid of Intelligence or Normal Emotional Response and Man Responsible for Breakdown in Society as We Knew It' show either. But you still can't escape it can you. Thank god Coach Trip is back on C4 in the afternoons.

How do you do your tomatoes? Do you use the big growbags or turn the ordinary ones on their side?

Arabella Sock said...

PS. Your garden is looking lovely and as for those spring greens... yumm..

Simon said...

Oh right, I shan't lose any more sleep over that then!

Just to be different I grow my tomatoes in bottomless 6 inch pots then put those in grow bags on their side (the growbags not the plants) More details on the tomatoes label.

Thanks for your kind comments, they help keep me going.

Lia Leendertz said...

Er, someone did nominate you for best bloggywog ever, or at least an approximation of it. it was over at Garden Monkey's fork n monkey awards and you were nominated by me and seconded by arabella (who eventually went on to win, although you wouldnt know it, she is very shy about such things). if i were more technically minded i could give you a link straight to it but as it is you will have to go and fish around.

Simon said...

Oh I feel a right berk now. Didn't even realise there was such a thing. Thankyou thankyou to you both for the nomination.