Saturday, 2 May 2009

May Day Weekend

Up the workers and all that. Nice steady day out on the plot. A bit more sowing and potting on in the potting shed (where else?) Outside I've sown a double row of French beans, the spuds I planted at easter are putting in an appearance, the spring cabbage is nearly ready, the strawberries are flowering and I've had the first pickings from a crop sown this year - a pot of salad leaves.


Amy said...

It sounds like your year has got off to a good start. My cabbage is ready so we enjoyed the first few leaves last week, hopefully plenty more of that to come over the next month.

I'm still waiting for the first harvest from this year's sowing, think it might be a little while yet, I am running horribly late with my salad things.

Keep up the hard work!

Simon said...

Thanks Amy, I'm glad someone else is growing spring cabbage!

Lia Leendertz said...

i have just had my first snippings of salad leaves too. Very quick and very satisfying, particularly as i saw some much smaller pots of lettuce leaves at the garden centre a couple of weeks ago for £5.99. £5.99! How many lettuces can you buy for £5.99? and people were buying them too. Eejits.
No spring cabbage, sorry.

Simon said...

Eejits is right, and more money than sense. The shameless hussies.