Sunday, 2 May 2010


So the rain's finally arrived this week but with it today a return of winter temperatures.

Hey-ho. At least it's been wet enough for me to crack on with some sowing and planting outside: the cornfield mix, another wildflower mix, half a row of carrots, the first cabbage patch and some trefoil for green manure. More sowing under glass too including the tender crops like sweetcorn and courgettes.

The orchard's looking fresh and green with the added bonus this week of more blossom: the cherry, pear and the first of the apple.


Joan said...

Everything looks lovely and well ordered! I've got to get out and DO something! I've got starts started but the weather's so nasty I haven't wanted to get out to plant them out. At least that's my excuse! Can't wait too much longer as the kale and leeks seem to be stretching. And I've never had so much trouble getting my lettuce starts going. Oh to have a greenhouse...well that's excuse #2!

Simon said...

If it's any consolation the weather's still rubbish here too. A greenhouse is certainly a bit bonus for getting thing's started.