Saturday, 8 May 2010

Keep smiling

"The only product of New York is shit..." Not my words but Bill Mollison's, from his Global Gardener series. Well it gave me a chuckle. It's so cold and miserable out on the plot I'm stuck inside catching up on some videos.

It's been cold all week, that evil north wind hasn't let up and we've hardly had any more rain either. And things don't show any sign of improving. I have managed to sow the maincrop peas, pot on some more seedlings and prune the grapevine so all is not totally lost.

On top of everything else the resulting hiatus from our so-called election is just too daft to laugh at. Greece burns and markets nose-dive, not that I'll be losing any sleep over that last one. And thankfully I've still got Bill to keep inspiring me.


The Artist as Family said...

that's a cracker of a line from bill. great to see those urban gardens too. here's a companion line from me:

"cities are built upon a two-stroke mix of innovation and anxiety".

it's freezin here too at the moment, at the opposite end of the warm period to you. chance to catch up on some blog reading... and wow! a tory at 10?!

good luck with that one,
xx patrick

(one-third of the 'artist as family'; who are built upon a three-stoke mix of biomimicry, creativity and soft-bodied organisms).

Simon said...

Aghhh don't get me started on our new regime - and silly me I got suckered right into it, the media narrative, the myth whatever you want to call it of our so-called democracy, and voted. Should have known better - DO know better - our votes count for nothing in our first-past-the-post system; all that hype and money and airtime and it ends up with a couple of very wealthy white guys stitching up a deal. I feel like I've just been mugged and I walked right into it.