Sunday, 23 May 2010


So the weathers gone totally mental. Thirty degrees and scorching sun. More like an Australian summers day than an English one. Still no rain of course; I'm having to water most things now. A bit more sowing and planting, otherwise I've just been wilting in the shade. It seems like the only response. And the trees don't seem to mind.


Joan said...

we could sure do with some of your warmth and I'll be sure to send lots of our rain your way!

Sherri said...

I just stumbled onto your blog~I have only flip through the first few entries and I can not wait to start from the begining....I am new to the gardening world and just love your easy sense and style...I am looking forward to becoming an avid follower of yours. Enjoy your day....thank you for sharing.

Simon said...

Thanks for the rain Joan, it was most welcome!

Sherri, thanks for your kind words, glad you like the blog.