Sunday, 27 April 2008

Busy busy

Busy for most of the weekend out on the plot, which is how it should be at this time of year; if I don't get my finger out now I'll only get behind.

Blossom on the fruit trees, little birdies twittering - spring is really here now, nice warm weather, warmer than it should be really but that's global warming for you.

More sowing - courgettes, sunflowers, salad leaves, rocket; potted on the tomatoes; planted out the rest of the potatoes; pinched out and planted the sweet peas and broadcast some green manure.

Pleasantly knackered, which is also as it should be.


clodhopper said...

Busy is the word alright. There is this very irritating thing called work which keeps getting in the way of spending time up at the plots.

Simon said...

Arghh! The four letter word! Hope you're getting the bank holiday off..