Saturday, 12 April 2008

Early potatoes

Here we go again...

And here I am, I've moved over to blogger as I might be changing my internet service provider and so will lose my web space over at Tiscali. Until then you should still be able to find my allotment diary from previous years here.

Feel free to comment but don't feel obliged, I do it for the love y'know.

I've spent some of the winter over in Australia again, you can read about it here if you've run out of better things to do.

So another growing season is upon us. I'm about a week behind so far I reckon because of the cold weather. I've sowed a few things: sweet peas and onion sets in the cold frame; tomatoes, carnations, greyhound cabbage and cosmos in the greenhouse. Today I've also got the first of my seed potatoes in. As usual I've taken out a trench, lined it with compost then tucked them in nicely.

At the moment I'm eating plenty of greens, broccoli and cabbage to be precise, as there ain't much else at this time of year. With the broccoliI find that a couple of plants of each variety is more than enough.

I'd like to wish all my fellow growers out there a successful and proliferate growing season. Here's to us.


glosterwomble said...

Hi Simon, glad to see you've set up a new home on blogger. I've followed stuff on your previous blog/site and wait with bated breath to see this years allotment musings.

Simon said...

Cheers, thanks, I reckon I'm going to like it over here - it's nice to hear from people and look at their blogs.