Saturday, 19 April 2008

Early peas

I sow these by firstly putting down a line and taking out a trench a couple of inches deep with a spade like this:

Then watering the bottom of the trench and sprinkling the pea seeds along it. (The usual advice is to space the peas a couple of inches each way in a zig-zag pattern but I find that a bit too faffy):

Then I rake the soil back over the peas and tamp it down gently with the back of the rake:

Finally I put some chicken wire over them to protect them from the pigeons, who love to eat the emerging shoots, and from cats and foxes who love to scratch about and crap on new seed beds:

That's it, when they get a few inches high I'll put up some supports for them to climb up, in the meantime all I've got to do is watch them grow.

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