Monday, 5 July 2010

1929 and all that

So the first six months of the year have been the driest since 1929 - which was also the start of the Great Depression, and obviously I was wondering if there's any connection. Of course it could just be a conspiracy.

No depression here, I'm cropping carrots, cabbages, peas, broad beans and now new potatoes. The meadow and cornfield mixes just keep getting better and the snapdragons have started to flower.


Joan said...

Conspiracy no doubt!
I'm so jealous of your peas, it had prompted me to write a post for the end of this week. I'll be linking your blog/peas label so my readers will know what peas really should look like! Great job! Maybe I'll do better next can only hope!

BTW congrats for the 2009 award of most environmentally friendly plot

Tracy Zhu said...

My snow peas have done great this year, they loved the cool but not too wet spring and early summer. The tomatoes, not so much. Simon, we have been freezing over here while you natter on about your heat wave. That said, I'm jealous of your plot, especially the flowers which I put on the backburner too much in favor of the vegetables.

Simon said...

Joan, I feel very honoured, thankyou! And the judges have been around today for this years comp so I've got my fingers crossed.

Tracy you do make me laugh - nattering about the weather is all we do in England. I wouldn't be without flowers on the plot, used to be cut flowers, this year its more the mixes for wildlife I've got into, so I'll probably nattering more about them too!

Tracy Zhu said...

Belatedly, congratulations on your award, and good luck with 2010. Don't forget the little people..

Here in the NW US we natter on about the weather too, as I'm about to do now. Summer has finally arrived so I am no longer bitter about your heat wave.