Monday, 12 July 2010

Meadow mix

This has been going nuts this past week - the fairy toadflax has gone over but the Californian poppies are still going strong and have been joined by cornflowers, bishops flower and Shirley poppies:


Californian Poppies

Bishops flower (Ammi Majus)

Shirley poppy


LC said...

Hi Simon! Been reading your blog for ages but never commented ;) I love your meadow patch, tried a small section on mine last year (I am in Manchester), but it ended taking over, so this spring I was still getting rid of roots otherwise I had little space to actually grow veg!! Have you contained your meadow by any chance? If so, how? Cheers for the advice!

Simon said...

Hi LC, nice to know someone reads this. Nope, I haven't contained it but hoping as they're all annuals in this mix I'll be able to weed out seedlings that have spread too far next year - that's the plan anyway!