Monday, 12 July 2010

More nattering about the weather

Still no rain this last week so I've been unreeling the hosepipe yet again over the weekend. Today it's suddenly a whole lot cooler which will no doubt please some people no end - I'm looking at you Tracy!

The crops are all doing well apart from the garlic - most of which I lost to the white rot - and the runner beans - which are just an embarrassment. The flowers are looking great, especially the meadow mix, which I just love to bits.


Tracy Zhu said...

You reeled off a lot of nice posts. We're freezing again here, I have to avert my eyes when I pass by my tomatoes. I was very interested in your watering post. I think I water way too often when it's dry here - not a problem this year, but should we ever again have a warm and dry stretch I'll try it your way.

Simon said...

Cheers Tracy, yep I reckon the watering can be overdone. I don't suppose it does a lot of harm but it can be very time consuming! Cooler here too but thankfully not freezing.

Tracy Zhu said...

We're not literally freezing, I exaggerated, but it's a strangely cool summer for sure. But it was so warm in January my fruit trees budded. It makes me uneasy when the weather is so unpredictable. Your new pics look great, I'll do wildflowers next year.