Saturday, 31 July 2010

Broccoli and trefoil

The trefoil with it's nitrogen fixing properties is benefiting the perennial broccoli which I planted amongst it. I'd like to say that but actually the truth is it was a happy accident. I sowed the trefoil first as a green manure crop and as it didn't appear I thought it had failed to germinate. So I planted the broccoli there instead, which of course is when the trefoil sprang into life. I can't say for sure if the trefoil is benefiting the broccoli as I haven't got a control crop to compare it with but it doesn't seem to be doing it any harm.


IAP said...

Usually you need to stress (or kill) a nitrogen-fixer to get it to release some of its nodules, and thus get maximum benefit. Chopping back with shears, or heavy shading can do it. It looks nice the way it is tho' :-)

Simon said...

Thanks Ian, I didn't know that, I'll give it good chop. And I'll be finding out about oca too now!